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A Study on Impact of Type of Bank on Occupational Stress of Employee in Selected Banks

Stress Management is drawing more and more attention nowadays, particularly in the corporate context. There is no such thing as a stress- free job. Everyone in his/her work is exposed to tension, frustration and anxiety as he gets through the duties assigned to him. Banks and Bank employees are playing a very important role for developing the Indian Economy. Stress can deteriorate social and family relationships and eventually burn one out, taking a toll of one’s health, therefore organizations need to recognize stress as a problem and take necessary steps to act upon it. In this article we have analysed how the type of the bank (Private and Public) having impact on occupational stress of the Bank employees. In this study we have used ANOVA for identifying the significance difference between the parameters that we have taken under the study. Keywords - Occupational Stress, Organizational Stress, Occupational Health of the community.