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An Analysis of Impact of Justice Recovery Dimensions on Students Satisfaction with Recovery in Higher Education System

Purpose - This study is an investigation of the impacts of justice recovery dimensions as perceived by students in higher education institutions and their co-relation with the studentsí satisfaction of service recovery. Design/Methodology/Approach - Data was gathered from a homogenous convenience sample of 220 students from engineering colleges of Udupi district, Karnataka (India). The items used to measure the three dimensions of perceived justice were taken from past research studies Findings - The research reveals that service recovery strategies for higher education institutes are strongly influenced by the three dimensions of perceived justice and their relative roles in providing satisfaction with service recovery to students. Research limitations/implications - This research collected its data from a homogenous and geographically isolated sample which can result in research bias while also limiting the generalization of the results to the population. Practical implications - This study adds material corroboration to the limited literature evidence available regarding service recovery and customer satisfaction in higher educational institutes. It also suggests strategies that can be employed by institutions to enhance students' satisfaction following service recovery. Originality/Value - Despite the significance of service recovery and satisfaction in non-profit organizations such as higher educational institutes, formerly conducted research studies on service recovery and failure have focused on the impact of perceived justice dimensions on satisfaction in corporate environments. No significant efforts have been made to investigate the role of service recovery in non-profit organizations. Thus the primary goal of this study was to bridge this gap by investigating the relationship of perceived justice dimensions with student satisfaction in higher educational institutes. Keywords - Service recovery; Distributive justice; Interactional justice; Procedural justice; Student satisfaction; Higher education institute