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Comparison of Image Fusion Using Guided Filter and Neuro Fuzzy Logic

Image fusion is major research area to improve the clarity of different images. A quick and the successful picture combination technique is proposed for making a large instructive fused image, through integrating different images in the wavelet decomposition technique. The disadvantage in existing method is ringing artifacts will be occurred, to overcome that two scale decomposition is used. In this paper, the proposed technique is focused around a two-scale decomposition of a picture as Base layer contains vast scale variations in intensity and a detail layer contains small scale points of interest. A novel guided filter based weighted average strategy is proposed to make full utilization of spatial consistency by combining base and detail layers. The edges can be detected by using this technique. In other method Laplacian pyramid is used in the fuzzy logic to get more resolution of source image by comparing guided filter with neuro fuzzy, the fused output gets more informative than the guided filter method. Keywords- Two scale decomposition, guided filter, image fusion, spatial consistency, fuzzy logic, laplacian pyramid