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Photo Voltaic Fed Asynchronous Motor Drive with High Voltage Gain Converter

An innovative interleaved high voltage step-up interleaved converter with voltage multiplier cell is proposed in this paper to avoid the exceptionally slight turn-off period and to decrease the current ripple. The voltage multiplier unit is composed of the secondary windings of the coupled inductors, a series capacitor, and two diodes. In adding, the switch voltage stress is reduced due to the transformer function of the coupled inductors, which makes low-voltage-rated MOSFETs offered to reduce the conduction losses and increases the life span of the input source. Which makes the presented circuit simple to create and control, other active device is not required for the proposed converter fed Asynchronous motor drive using inverter unit. In countryside renewable energy sources plays a main role in power generation and transmission. Where the power transmission from conventional energy sources is difficult, bulky electric drives and utility applications required, power converter construction has been introduced as a substitute in medium voltage and high power requirements using Renewable Energy Systems. other merits of renewable power source are light, dirt free and pollution free operation. By using inverter module in order to meet the required load demand, it is better to integrate the renewable energy power with the application of drive connected system by using inverter module. An advanced power electronics converter is used to meet the high power load applications, hear using a Asynchronous motor. The simulations results are conferred using Mat lab/Simulink. Keywords - Solar Array, DC/DC Boost Converter, High Voltage Gain, Boost–Fly Back Converter, Voltage Multiplier Module, Asynchronous Motor Drive, Proportional Integral controller, Battery Set, Inverter (VSI).