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Analysis of Five Level Inverter for Photovoltaic Power Generation System

In this paper, a five-level inverter is developed and applied for injecting the real power of the non conventional power into the grid to reduce the switching power loss, harmonic distortion, and electromagnetic interference caused by the switching operation of power electronic devices. Two dc capacitors, a dual-buck converter, a full-bridge inverter, and a filter configure the five-level inverter. The input of the dual-buck converter is two dc capacitor voltage sources. The dual-buck converter converts two dc capacitor voltage sources to a dc output voltage with three levels and balances these two dc capacitor voltages. The output voltage of the dual-buck converter supplies to the full-bridge inverter. The power electronic switches of the full-bridge inverter are switched in low frequency synchronous with the utility voltage to convert the output voltage of the dual-buck converter to a five-level ac volt-age. The output current of the five-level inverter is controlled to generate a sinusoidal current in phase with the utility voltage to inject into the grid. Keywords - Power electronics, Inverters, Harmonic distortion.