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PV System Integration with Grid Using Fuzzy based H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter

This paper defines a new fuzzy based controller based modular cascaded H-bridgemultilevel photovoltaic (PV) inverter for single- or three-phasegrid-connected applications. The modular cascaded multileveltopology helps to improve the efficiency and flexibility of PVsystems. To realize better utilization of PV modules and maximizethe solar energy extraction, a distributed maximum power pointtracking control scheme is applied to both single- and three-phasemultilevel inverters, which allows independent control of eachdc-link voltage. For three-phase grid-connected applications, PVmismatches may introduce unbalanced supplied power, leadingto unbalanced grid current. To solve this issue, a control schemewith modulation compensation is also proposed. An experimentalthree-phase seven-level cascaded H-bridge inverter has been builtutilizing nine H-bridge modules (three modules per phase). EachH-bridge module is connected to a 185-W solar panel. Simulationand experimental results are presented to verify the feasibility ofthe proposed approach. Index Terms- Cascaded multilevel inverter, distributed maximumpower point (MPP) tracking (MPPT), modular, modulation compensation, photovoltaic (PV).