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Drowsy Driver Detection and Alert System

A Real-Time accident prevention system has been proposed in which the drowsy condition of the driver can be detected and appropriate action will be performed automatically. In the current world, road accidents are fatal. In order to reduce such accidents and their brutality, we have introduced the Drowsy Driver Detection and Alert System. The system works on the concepts of ‘Image processing’. The main concept includes the recognition of face (facial features) and these features are taken as the basis for the processing. The threshold features are set and after that the deviation from these thresholds would result into the alert system activation. Additionally, the pressure along steering wheel using sensors is continuously monitored at the same time. The various features incorporated are eye contours, jaw movements, shoulder-to-head tilt angle and pressure on the steering wheel. Following the process of features extractions, the system uses ‘Viola-Jones face detection algorithm’. The system is real time and at the same time it is non-intrusive. Keyword - Image processing, facial features, Viola-Jones face detection algorithm, non- intrusive, real time, and alert system.