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Enhancement of NG-SDH System with MSSP Protection

SDH is a technology for synchronous data transmission. In future the traffic in communication field will increase. Thus to provide the demanded speed for the customer the Next Generation Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (NGSDH) is used. It contains multi-purpose add-drop features to add or extract a particular bandwidth from a large pool of frequency bands. First using link design procedure, we find out the BER, determines the type of optical fibre and detector to be used. The software named Network Management System (NMS) is used to monitor the components in the network using a computer and also used to communicate with this SDH system. Based on the speed required by the customer the NGSDH system will be configured and transmits the data through optical fiber cable. The whole transmission network will be protected by MSSP (Multiplex Section Shared Protection) protection methodology in which an additional protection path will be chosen automatically when the actual working path is interrupted. So we can attain a reliable data transfer network along with network security. Index Terms- Pulse Code Modulation(PCM), Plesiochronous Digital Hierarchy(PDH), Synchronous Digital Hierarchy(SDH), Next Generation-Synchronous Digital Hierarchy(NG-SDH), Multiplexer, Virtual Concatenation(V-CAT), Splicing, Optical Time Domain Reflectometer(OTDR), Link Design, Protection Switching, Sub-Network Connection Protection(SNCP), Multiplex Section Shared Protection(MSSP).