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Social Security in India: A Conceptual Framework of Social Sector Development and Constitutional Provisions

The sustainability of the social sector development lies not only in its economic orientation but in its close coordination with that of the concept of social security. Social security does not mean economic support but beyond that .This concept came up from western world but quickly caught up the events around the globe.This concept plays an important role in context of social sector development. This concept has emerged through a long period of evolution .It has its roots in Ancient India itself.During those days person had security from joint familystructure ,cast institutions,village panchayats, trade guild and other religious and political institutions. Social security is based on the principle of Human Rights.In Indian context ,this covers up various areas beyond economic and extends to the cherished values of the constitution .Inspiteof various schemes from the side of the Government and constitutional provisions people are still craving for social and economic security.This article is an attempt to highlight the importance of Social security in social sector development. Thus, this term includes social assistance and social insurance along with financial insurance.It has now become a world wide phenomena which argued in global perspectives.Number of definitions have been given to explain its meaning and in view of that it covers up wide range of income maintenance, medical care,social bonding and any other contingency and risks.Specific provisions relating to various aspects for the welfare of population are contained in the Directive Principles of state policy.Besidessecurity measures , a new social order is being emerged in which the citizens should be assured socio economic justice.To implement the ideals in the Directive Principles , both Central as well as state governments are empowered to enact legislation. But there should be a thorough handling of these legislations,if aim of social security has to be achieved in real sense.