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Experimental Investigation on Performance of Aluminum Alloy 7068 Gears in a Motorcycle Gearbox

Gears are one of the most important ways of transmitting torque. A Gearbox with its numerous numbers of gears, selector forks, bearings, synchronizer etc. will increase the weight of the vehicle which could affect the overall performance. Changing of material of gears without affecting its performance could lead to light weight as well as much more advantages Aluminium is a suitable option as it is lightweight. But it alone doesn’t have that much torque transmitting capacity compared to high carbon steel or any other alloy steel. But its alloys show promising results. There are different kinds of aluminium alloys which could be used for different purpose. Finding a suitable Alloy could lead to lightweight gearbox which could lead to increased performance, Better fuel economy as well as less emissions. Keywords - Aluminium Alloy, Torque, Gears