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A Study of Professional Skills Deemed Essential for Secondary School Teachers in the Contemporary Changing Environment

The kind of teacher training imparted earlier, say 20 years ago, is no more relevant to the current educational scenario. The rapid changes in technology, socio-economic environment and the globalization have made it necessary to look towards the relevance of existing education system in the current context. Sustained and systemic teacher professional development practices are required to ensure that the teachers adapt to the changing learning needs of children and society. A continual review of the teacher education system is therefore essential in order to maintain the significance of education system in a country at all times.A research for understanding the profiles, skills and competencies of the teachers is the need of the hour so that suitable changes can be incorporated in the relevant education programme. This paper summarises the pilot study conducted to identify the professional skills deemed essential for the secondary school teachers by the employers in the changing technological environment. Keywords - Professional skills, pre-service teachers, secondary school teachers