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CFD Analysis of Effect of Flow over NACA 2412 Airfoil through the Shear Stress Transport Turbulence Model

Analysis of Effect of flow over NACA 2412 airfoil was done using the available Computational Fluid Dynamics methods. Popular CAE software Ansys CFX was used for analyzation and simulation. Firstly, the coordinates of the said airfoil model were obtained from the airfoil database of the University of Illinois, and then the coordinates were imported to the geometry modeler of Ansys. CFX (Fluid Flow) was used to generate mesh and conduct the experimentation. At the end of modeling and meshing, simulation was done to observe the effect of flow at a high Reynolds number, on the said airfoil model with respect to pressure distribution, velocity distribution, various aerodynamic forces while maintaining variation in its angle of attack. To conduct the entire experiment, we did not go for experimental set up as the physical model has to be placed inside a wind tunnel, and this process is quite grueling, time consuming and expensive too at the same time. Moreover, the wind tunnel experiments are subjected to the accuracy of the developed model. With the advancement of high configured computers and computational methods, the flow behaviors of the fluid and its effect can be accurately analyzed. Keywords - CFD, SST Turbulence Model, Angle of Attack, Stall.