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Designing Real Time Systems through Better Architectural Practices using Data Distribution Service for Combat Management Systems

A Combat Management System essentially is a decision support system used by the naval forces as assisting tool to guide in war and practice scenarios. There had been lot of development in this area with the kind of algorithms coming into picture to improve electronic, surface and air warfare and also to use the weapons and sensors in the best possible fashion to provide a common operational picture to the commanding officers to take timely actions against war scenarios. To enforce network-centric operations, there remains an urgent requirement to study the types of networks and middleware’s that can be used for extreme real time systems. Combat Management Systems are one such example where there is need for carrying out operations in real time requiring the presence of hard real time systems and networks which support quality of service which entails better communication between nodes. This paper talks about the essentials of system architecture and how Data Distribution Service (DDS) as a middleware can support better architecture practices for combat management systems