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Prototype of Multilevel Car Parking using PLC

As the population of the world is growing and also getting modernized; rise in luxury segments has lead to increase in ownership of private vehicles for transport. With these advancements and luxuries the concern for security has become a major problem. Along with this, space consumption is also a great concern. In order to provide efficient parking system we have come up with a solution that is Multilevel Car Parking using PLC which is completely an automated system. This paper includes floors, which can be implemented underground, thus reducing the consumption of large ground space. The mechanized lifts, controlled by PLC are used for lifting and placing the car in the parking slots which saves the drivers' time for parking and imparking the vehicle. Finger print scanning is done for the authentication of users, which makes it more reliable. Keywords - Traffic Challenges, PLC, Finger Print module, Pneumatic cylinders, Multi Floor, Multilevel.