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Experimental Optimization of Machinability Parameters in Drilling of HE30 Aluminium Alloy Kingpin Bush

The surface finish of drilled components affecton fatigue life and endurance strength which influences dynamic performance. This paper is focused on achieving higher surface finish and optimized machin ability parameters to manufacture high quality of Kingpin Bush using RSM technique. HE30 (6082) aluminium alloy is drilled for Kingpin bush application on CNC Lathe machine. The surface roughness is measured using Mitutoyo SJ210 surface roughness tester and SEM photographs are taken byLEICAStereoscan 440. Three variable parameters i.e. spindle speed 600-800 rpm, feed 0.05-0.08 mm/rev and point angle 900-1160are selected for machinability assessment. RSM-CCD experimental desirability approach suggested 793 rpm spindle speed, 0.0517mm/rev feed and 1100 point angle for minimum surface roughness of 0.27Ám theoretical and 0.293 found during experiment. SEM photographs of optimal desirable solution focused on texture of machined surface. Keywords - Kingpin bush, HE30 Al alloy, RSM, Surface roughness, SEM.