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Real Time Traffic Monitoring System and Driver Assistance

This paper deals with building a smarter vehicle which can assist the driver by giving real-time traffic conditions on a map and also provide additional features, such as lane-change detectors, blind spot monitoring, alcohol level measurement and collision avoidance/warning. All of the stated features will be embedded on a single device. A Raspberry Pi board along with IMU, sensors, LCD screen, GPS and ZigBee will be used to accomplish the above stated task. For any vehicle that will be using this device, a dynamic, p2p network will be set up with the help of Zigbee modules, which will help give the traffic conditions for any instance of time. By using a GPS module, the network topology can be interlace with pre-downloaded maps.For driver assistance various sensors such as Alcohol sensors, an IMU-Inertial Measurement Unit i.e. Triple axis Accelerometer, Gyro and Magnetometer, etc. will be used to provide assistance. This paper explains how real time traffic information can be derived through a network without the help of large scale infrastructure and at the same time also provide various driver assistance. Keywords- Raspberry Pi, IMU-Inertial Measurement Unit, LCD screen, Global Positioning system, Zigbee, Peer to peer (p2p), Ad-hoc and mesh network.