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Creating Musical Instrument using Kinect Sensor

Development of human computer interaction technology expanding rapidly in various area such as entertainment industries, robotics, medical field and also in day to day human life. HCI allows Interaction in natural way which is popular subject all around world. Kinect developed for developers to develop their own code and create real-life applications with body motions. Kinect motion sensor introduced by Microsoft mainly aiming computer games domain now is used in different scopes, one is being generation or controlling of sound signals producing aesthetic music. Here, in this research paper, our experimental efforts on three virtual music instruments: Drum, piano and xylophone based on Kinect sensor are presented. This study attempts to create a virtual musical instruments that can be played using a depth camera of Kinect and a computer system. It utilizes the many functions of computer vision aided with the OpenCV library. Color tracking with contour detection techniques are used to tracked by finding their respective bounding rectangles and played with drum sticks of red and blue color to play the drum through striking the different areas of the drum.. Thresholding were used in order to track the motion and successfully emulate the piano and xylophone through tracking of its various movements. When human at specific position trigger an event to computer then computer play notes or melody related to that instrument. All three instruments virtually set the relevant sensing input areas, as an example, keys of the piano or cymbals of the drum, then the player controls the instrument through the Kinect. Index terms - HCI, Kinect motion sensor, musical instrument, depth camera, colour tracking, thersholding.