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Influence of EGR and Partially Stabilized Zirconiacoating on a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Fueledwith Diesel and Pongamia Biodiesel Blend

PSZ coated piston head and cylinder head have been installed in a single cylinder four stroke diesel engine with eddy current dynamometer. Coated cylinder head and piston retains heat for longer durations thereby reducing the heat losses in engine. The test fuel used is Biodiesel (DB20) which is a blend of diesel and Pongamia Pinata. The temperature retention capacity of coating is found using Thermal Simulation under Engine Operating Conditions. Post test evaluation of engine test data is validated with simulation results. Engine test data reveals a significant increase in Brake Thermal Efficiency of Coated Engine. HC and CO Emissions significantly reduced in the coated Engine. To control additional NOx Emission in coated Engine EGR is used. Indexterms - Pongamia Pinnata Biodiesel, Partially stabilized zirconium (PSZ), Low Heat Rejection(LHR), Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Regulated Pollutant Emission.