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Heat Transfer Analysis and Optimization of Fins by Variation in Geometry

The main aim of the project is to analyze the thermal heat dissipation of fins by varying its geometry. Parametric models of fins have been developed to predict the transient thermal behavior. There after models are created by varying the geometry such as rectangular, circular, triangular and fins with extension. The modeling software used is CREO Parametric 2.0. The analysis is done using ANSYS 14.5. Presently Material used for manufacturing fin body is generally Aluminium Alloy 204 which has thermal conductivity of 110-150W/m-⁰C. We are analyzing the fins using material Aluminium Alloy 6061 which has higher thermal conductivity of about 160-170W/m-⁰C. After determining the material the third step is to increase the heat transfer rate of the system by varying geometrical parameters such as cross sectional area, parameter, length, thickness, e.t.c. which ultimately leads us to fins of varying shape and geometries.