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An Analytical Review of Technology Acceptance Model towards the use of Online Shopping in Northeast India

With the advancement of internet technology, online shopping trend is becoming most popular. Northeast India, which is obscure, and is somewhat cut-off from other parts of India, is the fastest growing and booming market for e-retailers. Therefore, understanding the factors that influences the “intention to use” online shopping among the people of north-eastern region of India, is important for theoretical and managerial perspective. The study extends previous theories of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) by introducing a new factor of belief, i.e., “perceived convenience”, with two other existing beliefs, “perceived usefulness” and “perceived ease of use”. This research explores how various external factors influence “perceived usefulness”, “perceived ease of use” and “perceived convenience” which further influence “intention to use” the online shopping. In this research, it is found that external factors like “Online retailer services” provided by the online retailer and “self-efficacy” are strongly influencing “perceived convenience” and “perceived ease of use” respectively. The result of this study suggests that perceived convenience and perceived ease of use are significantly influencing the intention to use online shopping, whereas perceived usefulness has no significant effect on it. This study will contribute managerial and theoretical value to the researchers. Keywords - Online shopping, Perceived Convenience, Perceived ease of use, perceived usefulness, Intention to use.