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Robin had been sharing his experiences with Fortune 500 Companies. He could discover the powerful system and the strategy behind the success of world’s richest people and companies like Nike, FedEx, Microsoft, and so on. His blockbusters like The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari and The Greatness Guide has accredited him with one of the most respected leadership advisors in the world. In a survey of 22,000 business people, he was ranked in theTop 5leadership gurus worldwide. He affirms that one can be a superstar if one seizes every opportunity, brings aboutintense innovation, adopts ways to become physically and mentally strong, and ultimately transforms his life and the world around him. He feels that one has to be a ‘merchant of wow’ with his customers to be a great leader. Darren Hardy, publisher of SUCCESS Magazine says‘If you want to operate at the level of ‘WOW’, be an exceptional leader, and live life ‘full out’, buy this book.’ The book preludes remarkably that “each of us is born into genius. Sadly, most of us die amid mediocrity.” “Leadership is for everyone. And in this period of dazzling change in business and society, it really is the single most important discipline required to win.”(p.27). The foundation principle is self-discipline which forms the basis of this book. He beautifully says,“ We all need to lead where we are planted and shine where we now find ourselves”(p.17). Acronyms - • LWT Leadership without title • SEW Seriously exceptional work • BIW Best in the world • SHINE See clearly, Health is Wealth, Inspiration matters, Neglect Not your Family, Elevate your lifestyle • SPARK Speak with Candor, Prioritize, Adversity Breeds Opportunity, Respond versus React, Kudos for Everyone • HUMAN Helpfulness Understanding Mingle amuse Nurture