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Virtual Prototyping: From Dream to Reality

Manufacturing industries are employing new and latest technologies to thrive in today‟s competitive market. The major issues that are to be handled are reduction in product development cycle, reduce the carbon emission, add novelty, and make product eco-friendly and recyclable. Therefore, virtual reality (VR) based prototyping methods are gaining popularity in the manufacturing fraternity. VR based prototyping is known as virtual prototyping (VP). VP technology was proposed several decades ago, however, due to several issues such as less computing power, high hardware cost, lower graphics quality, etc. hindered its application in the manufacturing industry. However, now VP technology becomes mature enough to be applied in manufacturing industry with great success. Therefore, in this paper, the benefits of VP are highlighted and issues and future directions of research based on literature are suggested. Keywords - Virtual Reality, Virtual Prototyping, Manufacturing, Product Development.