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Human Resource Development Climate: A New Antecedent of OCB

The globalization of industrial world makes it imperative for organizations to attach greater importance to the human resources as they have proved to be the key source of competitive advantage. Since every organization's success is based on the healthy participation and good efforts of its workforce, therefore they should be provided with the congenial Developmental Climate so that employees contribute to the success of their organization enthusiastically. Although, the main reason for the interest in Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCBs) is its emerging stage in India as a whole and in J&K state in particular. Organizational citizenship behavior has been recognized as shaping the social and psychological context and contributing to the overall performance, where core job responsibilities are accomplished willingly by the employees who are ready to go beyond their formal job descriptions in the developmental work climate facilitated by their organizations. A stream of studies has veered into the exploration of the relationship between OCB with different antecedents but its relation with the Human Resource development Climate (HRDC) is yet unclear and untouched. The very aim of this study is to provide an empirical examination of exploring relationship between HRDC and OCB along with its dimensions. The present paper further intends to investigate the impact of Human Resource development Climate as an antecedent of Organizational Citizenship Behavior as a whole as well as for its individual dimensions. The study is based on the responses collected from the 170 employees drawn from two private sector banks. The findings of the present study divulged that there exists a significant and positive relationship between HRDC and OCB. The present study will add to the knowledge of growing literature examining relationship between HRDC and OCB. Further efforts are required to explore the undertaken topic in other banking sector as well.