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Technology and National Security: The Era of Ai and Space Tech

The pace of evolution of war is not in tandem with the pace of implementing rules that govern it leaving large loopholes that are utilised to satisfy self needs of nations. There continues to be challenges to apply international law, even the most basic rules of universally. Sometimes even legal categories themselves are being challenged due to how quickly war strategies and technologies evolve. The nations seldom see eye-to-eye on national security issues apart from the fact that national security is to be maintained regardless of the manner used to maintain it. We are seeing repeated attacks on civilians, humanitarian aid and health-care facilities, along with the rise of identity politics and the ebbing of solidarity movements, hyper nationalism is on the rise leading to an intolerant populous in a world of globalisation. Newest entrants into the field of preserving national security are Outer Space and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. These areas, while being advantageous to nations brings about inherent threats to their security be it internal or external. The law that binds the nations’ activities in this arena are at a nascent stage and are ill-equipped to deal with adverse situations. Both these areas involve technologies that have multiple uses and despite the good intentions behind the innovation, like all advancements they can be misutilised. This paper intends to outline the advantages and challenges these technologies pose to national security and the world order. Keywords - National Security, AI, Outer Space.