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Design and Implementation of Cordic Based Data Security Scheme for RFID System

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a real time wireless technology, based on Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technology which is extensively used in every field of electronic surveillance and wireless communication systems. It has feature of auto-identification without line of sight when compared to other wireless authentication systems. RFID allows to design accurate, real time location, data capture and automatic identification systems with high data security. Due to high data security in RFID, some of the nations issued E-passports based on RFID because it provides robust and hack proofed high data security when compared to other authentication computing technologies. In this project a novel security scheme is modified for RFID, with a trusted key management system and in which several keys will be maintained, controlled and provided by the Key Distribution Server System (KDSS). The key concept of CORDIC (Coordinate Rotation Digital Computer) is used in order to achieve high speed and data security with exiting RFID system. CORDIC is generally faster than other approaches when hardware multiplier is not available, the number of gates required to implement functions minimized especially in FPGA and ASIC. The high data security is possible with modified system which includes high security algorithm using cellular automata rules. The system processor will be implemented up to RTL schematic level using Xilinx ISE14.7 simulation tool and virtex-7 FPGA board for real time verification of its functionality. Keywords - RFID Technology, Co Ordinate Rotatio Digital Computer (CORDIC), AIDC ,VLSI, FPGA AND ASIC.