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Bike Ignition using Face Recognition and Fingerprint

Our undertaking is about using the unique finger impression & face recognition to start bikes which incorporates every type of the two wheelers. Ordinarily accessible secures in the bikes don't give enough security to the bikes. Conventional secures accessible in the bikes are notable to hoodlums and they can be effectively broken by them. Subsequently there is a requirement for greater security alternatives to be accessible for the bike which is interesting and should be not quite the same as the conventional key locks. Biometrics framework can be utilized as a decent and successful security choice. An essential and exceptionally solid human distinguishing proof technique is unique mark recognizable proof. As unique mark of each individual is remarkable along these lines it very well may be utilized in different security alternatives. In this paper we are concentrating on the utilization of unique finger impression acknowledgment to begin or touch off the bike against the utilization of traditional techniques for key locks. Keywords - Arduino, Relay Module, Bluetooth Module.