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An Innovative Process Design to Improve the Manufacturing Efficiency in Lead Acid Battery Manufacturing Process

The lead acid batteries are the enabling power source for automotive applications. These batteries are reliable, safer and cost effective and are competitive in the market mainly due to sustainability of the materials through recycling. In recent there is a significant improvement in the performance of the lead acid batteries.There are different battery technologies like AGM , Flooded,Gel and tubular batteries were emerged. Among all these, major contribution in automotive vechicles goes to flooded batteries .Typical manufaruring process of flooded lead acid batteries contains plate preparation, assembly and formation Based on the usage automotive flooded batteries are devided into JIS and DIN types.. The formation is the one of the key process to form the battery.Even there is huge evolution in manufacturing process, among them formation process time is the bottleneck process. In DIN type different types of cover designs are available with us. With the proposed advanced formation process we can improve the product and manufacturing efficiency but there is posiblity of acid entering into the vent path and which leads to acid leaks. Hence to over come the acid leaks, a novel process design were made to clean the acid which available in the vent path.