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Ambulance Priority at an Intersection using GPS Tracking

Many lives are lost due to a delay in reaching the hospital by an ambulance. The main cause of this delay is the waiting time that an ambulance faces at each intersection. This paper proposes a system which gives priority ambulance by turning the traffic signal on the respective side green. The main objective of this system is to ensure that the ambulance doesn't have to wait at the intersections like any other vehicle. Global Positioning System (GPS) on the mobile phone of the ambulance driver is used to track the ambulance. The live location of the ambulance is sent to the cloud database via internet. The microcontroller installed in the traffic signal control box downloads the data from the cloud database and processes it to understand from which side the ambulance is coming, and hence provides priority by turning the traffic light on the side from which the ambulance is approaching to green. This system is cost effective as it makes use of GPS present on the mobile phone rather than deploy additional devices on the ambulance. Keywords - GPS, Cloud Database