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Implementation of Super Twisting Speed Controller and Loss Minimization Controller for Induction Motor based on SVM-DTC

In this paper, SVM-DTC (Space Vector Modulation-Direct Torque Control) control method for induction motor is proposed to reduce torque and flux ripples at constant switching frequency. In conventional DTC, has high torque and flux ripple at variable switching frequency. Control performance is improved by introducing a second order super twisting controller after the replacement of PI controller. This controller improves the speed regulation and it is based on second order sliding mode control. This method provides a super dynamic and an uplifted robustness across the peripheral disturbance. The second objective of this paper is the induction motor energy optimization. A model with Loss Minimization Strategy is proposed for efficiency optimization. Keywords - Direct Torque Control (DTC), Induction Motor (IM), Space Vector Modulation (SVM), Second Order Sliding Mode, Efficiency Optimization, Loss Minimization Strategy.