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Analysis of Awareness and Management of Household Waste - A Critical Study

Today science & Technology is taking on everything making our life more easy and comfortable. But anything is excess is always bad. Extensive use of technology is posing threat to the entire human race and the environment at large. Today air, water, soil noise and e-waste pollution are the major cause of concerns for the environment. As Human population is increasing leaps and bounds, it is creating burden on our environment. One of its adverse effects is the amount of waste that is generated daily. If this waste is not managed or disposed of properly then it will prove hazardous for our mother earth. Overuse of electronic gadgets, improper waste of disposal and lack of awareness among people are proving detrimental for human health and the environment. This research paper studies the advantages of proper waste management and how it reduces the pollution caused by waste. It aims to compare effects of segregation of waste. Keywords - Waste, Disposal, Household, Pollution, Recycle