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PLC based Automatic Bottle Filling and Capping System

The objective of this paper is to design, develop and monitor PLC (Programmable Logic Control) based automatic bottle filling and capping system. This system provides advantages like low power consumption, low operational cost, less maintenance, precise operation etc. This project biased on industries where packaging and distribution takes place on continuous basis. It has wide use in many industries like milk industries, mineral water filling etc. A small version is developed to illustrate the system. The DC motor is used to make the conveyor system operation simple. The IR sensor is used to detect the bottle present at various places in the system. Filling is carried out by machine and this process is widely used in many industries. The complete process is monitored and controlled by PLC. The filling process is done by peristaltic pump. Capping of the bottle is done by solenoid piston. The filling and capping operation takes place in synchronized manner. The PLC used in this system is Delta DVP14SS211R which makes the system more flexible and easily useable. Ladder logic has been used for programming the PLC, WPLsoft software is used for programming the PLC. Keywords - Delta PLC, Conveyor Belt, IR Sensor, Ladder Logic, etc.