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Provision of Academic Input Provided During In-Service Teacher Traning Programmes with Regard to Curriculum Transaction in Terms of Quality of Resource Persons, Teaching Learning Material Provided to Participants and Quality of Content of the Programme

The Present study was conducted to study the provision of academic input provided during In-Service Teacher Training Programme with regard to curriculum transection in terms of quality of resources persons, teaching learning material provided to participants and quality of the content of the program. Because of the method’s apparent ease and directness, descriptive method has undoubtedly been the most popular and widely reach method in education. In the present study data has be collected about what exists at present. This way, the method witch we have used in the present study is the descriptive survey method because it helps to explain educational phenomena in terms of the conditions or relationships that exist, opinions that are held by the students, teacher, parents and experts, processes that are going on, effects that are evident, or trends data developing. 1200 teachers from the four districts out of 12 districts in HP were selected in a random manner to get information by using questionnaire as tool for teachers. Depending upon the analysis and interpretation of data, major findings are : As per the views expressed majority of teacher, quality academic inputis provided to teachers during In-Service TeacherTraining Programs the study shows that information about the curriculum to be covered during the training programme was mostly provided to all the teachers in advance. It helps them to get mentally prepared for the programmed and get benefitted by the same. Majority of the teachers considered that specialists are invited for imparting In-Service Teacher Training Programme under SarvaShikshaAbhiyan and the specialist invited have mastery over there subjects. Policies and procedures followed by the teacher educators are designed in such a way so as to equip teacher with the knowledge, attitude, behavior and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively in the class room, school and wider community. As per the views expressed by all the teachers (100%) both male and female, regarding the quality of the content of the programme, highly vetted content that is accurate, objective and reliable is presented during in- service teacher training programme.