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Rate of Change of PCC Voltage Harmonic Profile Injection-based Hybrid Active Islanding Detection Technique for PV-VSC-based

Optimal selection and sizing of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is an important research problem for the advancement of distributed power systems. This paper presents detail studies on optimal sizing of DER for integrated micro grids using Evolutionary Strategy (ES). Integrated micro grid is an innovative architecture in distributed power systems, in which several micro grids are interconnected with each other for superior control and management of the distributed power systems. Right coordination among DER in micro grids, and proper harmony among the micro grids and the main distribution grid are critical challenges. Types of DER and capacities of them are needed to optimize such that proposed integrated micro grid provides reliable supply of energy at cheap cost. In this research, the problem is formulated as a nonlinear mixed-integer minimization problem which minimizes capital and annual operational cost of DER subject to a variety of system and unit constraints. Evolutionary strategy was developed for solving the minimization problem. The proposed methodology was used to design integrated micro grids for A Star IEDS (Intelligent Energy Distribution System) project. The design results have shown that the proposed methodology provides excellent convergence and feasible optimum solution. Index Terms - Photovoltaic systems (PV), voltage source converter (VSC), binary tree (BT), harmonic amplification factor(HAF), BFSMC.