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High Voltage Ultrasonic Pulser

Ultrasonic technique uses transmission of high-frequency sound waves into a material to detect flaws or to find out changes in different material properties.1-15MHz frequency is generally used for specialized application and frequencies upto 100-150 MHz are also necessary. Mostly piezoelectric transducer is used in such application. Ultrasonic waves are created by using excitation of piezoelectric transducer with high voltage and narrow pulse.The Pulser/Receiver constitutes the most important part of an Ultrasonic Flaw Detector or an Ultrasonic Imaging System used for inspection of materials.The ultrasonic properties of the material and resolution requirements govern the choice of the frequency o f ultrasound that can be optimally used. The Pulser/Receiver in turn decides the efficiency of excitation of the transducer and the overall signal to noise ratio of the system for best sensitivity and resolution.This system is used for ultrasonic inspection of zircaloy-2 pressue tubes for pressurised heavy water reactors and for end fittings of PHWRs. Keywords - Non destructive Testig , Piezoelectric transducer ,Pulser- receiver.