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Study on Security and Energy Efficiency of MEC for IoT

The Internet has grown exponentially and expanded into almost every aspect of our daily life. The next wave of technology expansion is over the interconnection of sensors, actuators, and appliances. This type of networking is referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT). Achieving energy efficiency and sustainability in intensive computation, MEC is a promising approach to address such challenges. Study on various reports of energy consumption and security approaches in wireless technologies reveals that supporting results for MEC framework for IoT. No efficient mechanism that can measure the trust of IoT devices, current certificate revocation schemes have many limitations. Online certificate status protocol (OCSP) Predominant schemes for ensuring security and privacy in the IoT. Numerical results indicate that the proposed scheme does bring significant enhancement in both energy efficiency and latency performance of MEC applications for IoT. MEC scheme does not consider dynamic traffic load and interference. Places where caching units can be deployed, Deploy at the core network, the radio access network and user devices. Conventional caching policies in wired networks are revised for wireless to handle resources. Popular files and indexes are cached at the users within a cluster. MEC, Certificate scheme, caching improves IoT. Keywords - MEC Framework, OCSP, Stackelberg Game, Caching Policies