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Effect of 5G on IOT and Daily Life Application

As going to word using the 5G in some of the countries and many country are going to move to use this technology we want to know what this technology will give to the users and what will be the states of user experience while using this technology, during the last two years we have seen completely shift in education, work, shopping, gaming, streaming, meeting and many other activates it all shift into an online mode due to the covid-19 pandemic and that but high data rate low latency internet in the top list of the user requirement list this two service is the promised things of 5G and what will be the change and the effect in our daily life application with this technology something like IOT will be the main thing to have in every home, Industry, school, Hospital, City, country. How could this technology improve the use and the processing of all these applications that what we are going to discuss in this paper. Keywords - 5G, IOT Application, smart devices, online application, online meeting and Education, Massive connectivity, IoT roll in 5G , Higher data rate, Bandwidth ,IIOT Application and requirement.